“Let There Be Light”

We all know how light was created, but how can we make the most of light, be it natural or artificial lighting. Maximising natural light is easy right? Opening up confined spaces to allow for the external light to illuminate the dark interior space…Correct!  But what do we do when it comes to artificial lighting? Where do we start and what do we do? We have chandeliers, rope lighting, pendants, lanterns, LED, halogenic, Bulbs…. Arrrrrrr!!! This is all too confusing. Light fixtures are extremely trendy right now, but it is difficult to find the right one for any given space or style.

Pendant light bulbs which are popular are great in areas where more light is required for example a kitchen or study areas. Bare bulbs are clean and allow the focus to be on the interior space and not on the fixture.


Chandeliers on the other hand stand as a focal piece in all interiors. There are various chandelier designs and finding the correct chandelier is the perfect touch for the style you want to create in any space, from rustic to mid-century or modern.


And last but certainly not least, is the all faithful wall mounted light fitting. Over the years the wall mount has received a lot of flack due to its overused dome cover. New techniques and technology has allowed the wall mounted light to grow in leaps and bounds. From mood changing lighting to creative designer ceiling mounts. So…. “To infinity and beyond” for the simple wall mounted light fitting.