The Dreary Ongoing Battle in Our Homes


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Most homes today have an ongoing discussion (be it between partners or parents and children) based on televisions being allowed into the bedroom.

The basic answer to this question is a definite NO

Here are a few reasons why a television in a bedroom is not favorable to ones everyday living:

  • Better Sleep: Watching TV disrupts sleep cycles; once you remove the TV from your bedroom you will begin to have a better sleep, in-turn providing you with a more productive day.
  • More Conversation: The last few hours of the day is when families/partners should be discussing important or intimate aspects of the day – TV viewing eliminates this vital tool within a home.
  • Unhealthy Children: Children with TV’s in their bedrooms score lower on tests in school; have sleep problems and a higher risk of being overweight. TV sets may be “replacing” parents, in terms of soothing, entertaining and educating; thus leading to isolation, poor development, lack of social skills and destruction of family life.

Essentially a television is not a “monster” appliance in our homes; it all comes down to the usage of it that defines the good and bad.

Choose TV positions in homes; viewing times and choices more wisely in order to enhance a fresher and better lifestyle.

From a design aspect of a television…there is a definite placement area for a TV and the bedroom and formal family areas are not it. It is most appropriate to keep a television concealed when not in use as to not detract from the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding area.