Maximizing Small Spaces:

With ever changing lifestyles, economy hikes, ergonomic trends and population growths.  Our living spaces are becoming even more modular than they have been in the past.

Here are a few key points, tips, tricks and hacks that might help you enhance a small space, be it an office, bedroom, study, or kitchen space.

  • Keep your window to wall ratio high – Large windows capitalize on the natural light around you and opens the interior by inviting the exterior into the space.
  • Create an outdoor living space to add the feeling of square footage without incurring extra cost. Extending a balcony or using that bay window we covered up are simple tricks in design that add space to a small living environment.
  • Add a loft – If you can’t develop horizontally, expand vertically. Make the most of high ceilings by freeing up floor space. This resourceful twist in interior design allows an old loft trend to make a comeback in small spaces.
  • Create space under your staircase – Mask unwanted objects in this effective modest storage trick that clears clutter and hides those unwanted objects.
  • Replace doors with sliding or glass walls – This contemporary feature allows your space to breath, it also separates the space visually and divides a room.
  • Get creative with mirrors – Introducing the illusion that a small space is much larger than it is; is a wonderful little solution in opening up a quaint area. Mirrors can instantly double the appearance of a room. You don’t have to hang a traditional mirror on the wall, try reflective mosaic tiles as a wall feature or metallic subway tiles on the bathroom walls.
  • Add a shelf – Yes! It’s that simple, simply hang a shelf or stick one on the wall to create a decorative and useful feature. Floating shelves are a designer’s answer when it comes to aesthetics and functionality. Use open storage to draw the eye upwards and bright colours like red and blue to create a feature or conversational piece on a white wall.